When your property is damaged by fire, water, smoke, wind and other perils, the Mellon emergency services team will mitigate the immediate damage to prevent further damage from occurring to your home and contents. Because disasters can happen anytime day or night, Mellon Certified Restoration offers the quick response of its emergency services team, so when disaster strikes, don’t count the hours, count on Mellon Certified Restoration. Our professional and trained experts will quickly respond to help bring order to your chaos…24 / 7 / 365.


Service Specialties:

Securing property (window & door board-ups, fences, etc.)

Temporary roof repairs

Water and sewage extraction

Structure and contents drying





When your valued possessions (contents) are damaged or dirtied as a result of your property loss, Mellon Certified Restoration can help. Whether it is furniture or family heirlooms, we can often restore affected contents to their pre-loss condition.


Service Specialties:

Inventory (salvageable and unsalvageable)

Contents cleaning

Pack-out / pack-in services

Temporary content storage

Electronic restoration

Garment restoration

Art restoration





Only an experienced restoration contractor can offer the special knowledge, skills and equipment required to properly repair property damaged by fire, water, smoke, wind or other perils. The Mellon Certified Restoration repair teams have years of construction experience and a thorough knowledge of property restoration / reconstruction requirements to return your home to its pre-loss condition. From identifying and evaluating direct and related damage, preparing a detailed estimate and performing all aspects of the necessary repairs, Mellon Certified Restoration is the team to call. Our damage repair services include, but are not limited to:


Service Specialties:

Fire damage

Smoke and soot damage

Water damage

Sewage intrusion damage

Wind damage

Ice dam damage

Hail damage

Vehicle impact damage

Structure cleaning







Mellon Certified Restoration offers cleaning and remediation services that go beyond the typical specialties required by most property damage jobs. The following should only be handled by a properly insured provider with specially trained staff.


Service Specialties:

Mold remediation

Lead remediation

Trauma and biohazard cleanup

Hazmat cleanup





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